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ONLINE Pilgrims - PPC Transportation AUCTION

May 16, 2017All DayOnline Only

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GREAT VARIETY and GROUP OF ITEMS! Pilgrims is selling Mack Trucks, Warren Bulk Feed Trailers, Moffet Forklifts, International Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Viking Flatbeds, Pickups, Pinson Feed Trailers, Great Dane Flatbeds, Great Dane & Trailmobile Reefer Trailers and More.


12% Buyers Premium.

BUYER is responsible for inspection before bidding or agrees to accept as is even if the auctioneer has made a reasonable mistake.

Payment must be made the day after the auction via wire transfer.

BUYER MUST remove purchases WITHIN 10 DAYS. These items are at PILGRIMS yards. There are NOT loading docks. There is NOT staff there to assist in loading. The Pilgrim Crews are extremely gracious and accomodating BUT they all already have jobs and will allow you on the yard WITH your AUCTION INVOICE and will guide but at some point will tell you or your trucking company "Sorry, you are going to have to get a different truck in here or help in loading yourself". Remember - Unless you have bought MANY items and are CONSISTENTLY moving items out and communicating such you MUST have your purchases out within 10 DAYS after the auction.