It's been a couple of months since I updated the blog.  I've had a busy summer spending a lot of time with my family and trying to stay submerged in a pool as many hours as I could on the weekends.  I don't know what country, state, or city you are sitting in right now, but Arkansas set some high temperature records this summer that will be hard to beat.  I'm ready for fall!


I was sitting in a meeting a couple of days ago and had an interesting conversation and confirmed that other people have the same issues with business that I have sometimes.  We were talking about business courtesies that used to be the norm and now are getting to be rare.  Some of them we miss terribly, others not so much.  The common complaint is that when businesses practice what should be a normal business practice, we are shocked that we actually got correct service, or even more shocked when we get more than expected.  In our society, it has become a norm to expect less than what you pay for. 


I had some sheet rock and paint work done at my office a couple of weeks ago to repair some damage a leaky roof had caused.  The painter had to build a scaffold to reach the 24' ceiling in the upstairs of our office building.  Quite the chore because he had a three story climb up stairs to get all of the scaffold pieces up there.  When he finished the job I was shocked that he came in right at his estimate and also had cleaned up and organized the area he was working in.  He left it in better condition than he found it.  I was shocked and then it shocked me that I was shocked!  That is just the way we are supposed to do business.  Promise 100% and then over deliver.


Sometimes it is not easy to do that but as good people it is our job to keep our promises.  Everyone learns that from a young age.  Getting hired for a job is making a promise to that person that hires us to get the job done correctly.  Now I know that everyone reading this probably does exactly what I am saying and that they always do the job required.  Next time, try to find the extra thing that no one expects and not only do the job, but shock somebody by doing more than expected. 


Thomas Blackmon

Blackmon Auctions