The Contractors' Auction

8:00AM - Lonoke, AR

Full list of items with pics please click link below -

Thursday's Auction Click Here

Friday's Auction Click Here

Wednesday, April 16 – Cars & Shop & Materials

Thursday, April 17 – Big Trucks & Trailers

Friday, April 18 – Equipment and Support Items

More information on the auction please contact Billy Hartnedy at 501-352-4703 or email your questions to

Thursday Auction Item Video. Enjoy a Drive though the yard -

Fridays Auction Item Video. Enjoy a Drive though the yard -


Auction Items

Equipment list and photos will be available at less 2 weeks before the auction.



Terms & Conditions

Auctioneer’s Note;

Established in 1970 this Construction, Truck, Trailer and Support Equipment auction has grown into a place where every 60 days you can buy or sell good items. Most of our customers are contractors, counties, rental companies and more from about 6 or 7 states. The Blackmon Service you have grown to expect is still alive & well - Even after 76 years in the industry. Your efforts to send equipment for us to sell and/or travel to our site to buy are always GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Registration & Auction Format & Online Bidding;

This is a public auction. If you plan on attending in person you will register when you arrive on site. Only if you plan on bidding online go to or and click on the Proxibid link. Register early. Don’t wait until the morning of the auction - That could delay your approval. We want you online with us! Bidding online starts a couple days before the actual auction. Get online and place your bids as they progress or place your max bid - All Max bids are kept confidential from everyone including the auctioneer. Bid with confidence. For help contact Doug at or 501-650-4188 or call the Blackmon/Proxibid Customer Line at 855-898-2522.

Auction Schedule;

Wednesday: One Auctioneer Starts at 8AM Selling Cars & Pickups. 2nd Auctioneer sells: Shop, Tools, Parts, Miscellaneous & MORE!!

Thursday: Truck & Trailer Day. We start at 8AM on Truck Tires, Parts & More. Then beginning around 10:00AM we start selling all Trucks & Trailers.

Friday: Big Equipment Day. At 8AM we begin selling support items/attachments then at around 10 AM we begin selling “Big” Stuff.

Auction Location & Directions / Yard Hours / Equipment Delivery / Equipment Inspection;

Address: 425 Blackmon Road, Lonoke, Arkansas 72086

Directions: 11 Miles east of Little Rock on Interstate 40. Take exit #169 (Remington Road/Highway 15). Go south exactly 1 mile.

Delivery: Begin delivering your items to the auction NOW. We have loading docks and telescopic forklifts to assist in unloading. Deliver your items, if possible, the week before the week of the auction.

Delivery Deadline: All items to be sold on Wednesday’s auction must arrive by Monday before 5PM the week of the auction. All other items must arrive by Tuesday before 5PM the week of the auction.

Hours: Our hours are Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM. We will be open the Saturdays before and after the auction from 8AM ‘til noon.

Inspection: Inspect any equipment that has arrived any time our yard is open for accepting equipment delivery.


A Ten Percent Administrative Fee will be charged on every item up to $2,000. A 2% (Two Percent) Administrative Fee will be charged on the remaining balance of each item. We pay our sellers 1 week after the auction. Seller’s Commission is 10%.

A Complete Payment in U.S. Funds must be made on the day of the auction. We accept personal and company checks only with a guaranteed letter of credit from your bank. Please fax that letter to 501-664-4538 and present the original when registering at the auction. We accept cash. We do not accept credit cards. If you are using a finance/leasing company to pay, contact us prior to the auction and inform us of the payment policy. If you would like to wire transfer funds, please call for pre approval. Applicable Arkansas Sales Tax

Laws apply. You will be charged the tax unless you can provide us with a copy of a resale exemption form.

Removal of Equipment;

Remove all items as soon as possible. All equipment must be removed within two weeks of the auction.

Consignment Sale Warning;

 Although every effort has been made to ensure that every piece of equipment in this brochure is available on sale day, due to unforeseen circumstances, a piece may not be available on sale day. If you are coming for one particular item call Billy Hartnedy at 501.352.4703 a couple of days before the auction to verify arrival.